Testimonials Done For You

Got Your Client Testimonials Sorted?

Testimonials are the most effective advertising tool in your business.

Nothing you can write will ever be as powerful as the praises of someone who has used your services. Not only do they validate your business, they prove that you can be trusted, and that you can deliver on your promises.

Do you have your testimonials sorted?

Do you feel awkward to ask your clients for testimonials? Or maybe you are too busy serving your customers to take the time to collect them. Then let Newsletter Ready handle the whole testimonial process for you.

There are 6 simple steps in the process…
We email a dozen of your clients, letting them know that we will be in touch
We interview those clients
Based on the feedback we receive, we pick the best stories
We write up the most compelling parts of the interview
Your client signs off on what we have written
We provide you with amazing new testimonials

The details...

  • Each testimonial is 100-200 words long
  • The testimonial will be accompanied by a name, company and website
  • You can publish them as soon as you receive them
  • Only $399 + GST for 4 testimonials, or $699 + GST for 8 testimonials (7-day invoice term)

Here is the Kiwi Tax Accountants story:

The Challenge: Ramesh finds it awkward to ask for feedback from his clients, so he avoids doing it. Even though he knows how valuable it is, and his clients always leave his office happy.

The Solution: We devised a script that would probe and connect with Ramesh’s clients. We then called his clients and gathered some fantastic feedback!

The End Result: Ramesh gets the social proof of how wonderful his clients think he is, with none of the awkward and time-consuming conversations. He can post this amazing feedback to build his business and impress his potential clients.

Got some questions? Maybe we can answer them for you now:

Why are testimonials important?
Testimonials are unbiased, honest feedback directly from your clients. They build your credibility and create trust with potential clients because they can see that someone else found your product or service invaluable.

Where can I post the testimonials?
Anywhere that your clients might read them. This includes your website, in your newsletter, on your social media accounts, in your printed advertising, or on sites like TradeMe.

How can I use the testimonials?
Your testimonials should be used to promote and grow your business. Put them front and centre on your website home page, or on your sales pages. They will transform a sales pitch into an unbiased recommendation for your business.

When will the testimonials be ready?
As soon as the booking is confirmed, we will have your completed testimonials to you within 21 days.

Why Newsletter Ready for testimonials?
We will make sure that the testimonials we provide contain real value. They will inform your clients about the benefits your services, and be from a perspective your clients can relate to.

Are you ready to build trust with your potential clients and squash any hesitations they might have about working with you?

Then get in touch with Newsletter Ready now.


* $458.85 including GST.


* $803.85 including GST.