Technophobe Talisa

Let’s face it – you were happier when phones were only used for making calls. Technology seems to change so fast and you’re barely keeping up.

Who you are:
You’re the owner of a small to medium business with perhaps another couple of other staff member. You like to get out on the shop floor as often as possible; sitting behind a desk tapping on a keyboard definitely isn’t the best part of your day. You are on Facebook – just – and you’ve haven’t updated your website in a long time. But, you love to chat with your customers face to face anyway, so who cares?

Your issues:
You have a real problem with managing the technology that is available to you. You feel that it takes too much time and effort to learn and you have other business issues you’d rather focus on and delegate the technology stuff to someone else. You don’t have a qualified marketing professional on hand but your staff will post pictures on the Facebook page when asked. Things are ticking along but business growth has stalled and you’ve noticed a drop off in repeat business. You do have a customer database but it’s not being used to its fullest extent.

What you need most right now:
When it comes to technology, you need a confidence boost! Taking a refresher course to learn the basics will do you the world of good. You also need to manage your database properly and use it to re-connect with your customers. Repeat business is a much easier sell than trying to attract new customers all the time. You can use your database to increase your engagement on Facebook too, which will help you attract new customers and increase your awareness in the online community. Of course, all this takes time, which is something you probably don’t have.


Our monthly add-value newsletter is a fantastic way for you to connect with your existing client base and reach out to new customers. We’ll take your database and make it really work for you. Our list preparation and collection service is complimentary – it’s just another way we can help you achieve your goals.

We can also manage your Facebook page and use our expertise to increase your exposure – the most important newsfeed of your customers. And if you choose, we can set you up on other social media platforms too. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. Wherever your customers are, is where you can be too.

Combine the benefits of the Connection Starter (e-newsletter) with Social Media to the one package solution Words & Web is the must have for any Technophobe Talisa’s out there.

Connection Starter

Most Popular Choice

An ideal starting point for businesses where service is the name of the game. Staying in touch couldn’t be easier with tried and tested method of added value newsletter marketing. Plus providing the full flexibility of customisation with your email newsletter.


+ GST* per month

Words and Web

Most Impact

For a small-to-medium business establishing its credentials on-line. Proven results of consistent communication with customers via e-newsletter and original and relevant social media posts, prepared and posted to four social media sites (Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) per month.


+ GST* per month