Socially Challenged Charles

Your business has a Facebook page but that’s as far you’ve got with social media. And it only has 63 likes anyway, mostly from family and friends. It all seems like a waste of time.

Who you are:
You’ve just started a business, or you’re the owner of an established small to medium business. You tend to do most of the marketing yourself and stick to conventional advertising methods you know well – newspaper, radio, networking and leaflet drops. You want to grow your business as well as stay connected with your current customers but your budget is limited.

Your issues:
You can see firsthand the power of social media and how effective it can be, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Sure, you have Facebook, but you’re not sure you’re using it correctly. There are other platforms you’re interested in – LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat – but you don’t have time to learn new apps and how to use them effectively.

What you need most right now:
You need a social media presence on relevant platforms that enables you to connect and engage with your customers. You need to keep in contact with your existing client base, and also extend your reach to attract new customers. You need to provide your customers with valuable content that they can share and repost. And you need all this to be done in a cost-effective, timely manner that allows you to focus on your core business.


You are in the perfect position to take advantage of our social media package – Words & Web.
We can help your business get established on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We’ll make regular postings to these sites for you, at least three times a week, to keep your customers engaged and you at the forefront of their next purchasing decision.

We also provide a relevant branded newsletter to send to your customers on a monthly basis, full of entertaining and informative articles, to position your business top of mind with your contacts.

Content from our library is your bonus to this package. You can cut and paste onto your website, pamphlets, internal communication or anywhere else you choose.

We understand the power of social media and we can use it to your advantage!

Words and Web

Most Impact

For a small-to-medium business establishing its credentials on-line. Proven results of consistent communication with customers via e-newsletter and original and relevant social media posts, prepared and posted to four social media sites (Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) per month.


+ GST* per month

Words Deluxe

Most Power

An alternative option for a small-to medium business looking to position itself a cut above the competition. Offering the demonstrated advantages of regular e-newsletters, this package incorporates a specific-to your-business article, professionally crafted and designed to increase your profit potential.


+ GST* per month