Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement

In business we all have peaks and troughs right?

And there are those who say the key to a successful business is being able to smooth things out; fill in the troughs so that they are hard to define from the peaks.

Makes sense, but how to do it? How do you overcome the troughs? The answer lies in the Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement from Newsletter Ready.

Troughs are not bad things. They allow the opportunity to develop and improve your business.

Make the most of them! When you come to a trough, it is time for you to bring in the Newsletter Ready’s Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement rather than resting on the results of your previous success and looking down into the abyss of doing it all over again.

Here are two examples of organisations which discovered the power of mass engagement:

  • Client A produced a 50% ‘open’ rate from a business customer list comprising multiple industries. Of the Customer Email ‘Opens’, the organisation saw a 30% reply rate to its digital service offering.
  • Client B points to a 58% open rate through proposing an additional new service offering. With good salesmanship, the organisation secures new sales from 5% of their customer base.

Impressive results from different companies with one common denominator - Newsletter Ready’s Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement – summarised by three words: strategise, engage, and react.

Would you like to fill the troughs with real engagement from your database? (‘engagement’ means more opens, more replies, more conversations, more repeat sales and more referral business) and the answer is “of course you would. This is how you keep the successes coming.”

Follow the principles to build a solid foundation, relate personally to your clients and improve sales.

Book your marketing strategy session to learn more. In this small window of your time, you’ll learn just how the Newsletter Ready Secret of Mass Engagement will work for you, based on the three simple principles of strategise, engage and react.


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