Many Market Molly

You’re busy and business is good! Your products and services are not only being used and appreciated by individual customers, but you’re also selling to other businesses.

Who you are:
You’re the owner and/or marketing manager of a small to medium business. You have lists everywhere trying to keep things straight and your database is out of date and extremely complicated. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to get things in order and you can’t really afford to take on another fulltime staff member to help out. So you soldier on doing what you do, because business is ticking along nicely – even if growth isn’t.

Your issues:
You have two distinct markets that you are selling to – your individual customers, and other businesses. You recognise that each probably needs and expects a different approach when it comes to marketing and selling, but you’re not quite clear on how that should work. You need expert help to achieve this, help, time and reassurance.

What you need most right now:
You need a marketing method that allows you to speak to different markets without diluting your brand. You need your method to work effectively and efficiently, and you also need to be able to measure the results. Your database needs cleaning up and your customers need to be split into distinct categories so that they can receive the marketing message that is right for them.


The Connection Starter package which consists of email newsletter is an ideal starting point for your strongest and most dominant market. Every month we produce and source relevant articles for your business.

Add on, another newsletter distribution list (your second market) with ease, as we have created a professional newsletter template for you, complete with your colours, imagery and logo.

We personalise your newsletter(s) to feature your customers name as well as your own, and then we send it to your customer lists on your behalf.

Communication really is the key. This multiple market approach has the benefit of keeping your customers in regular contact with you, tailoring the message for them and allowing you to be top of mind for their purchasing decisions.

Connection Starter

Most Popular Choice

An ideal starting point for businesses where service is the name of the game. Staying in touch couldn’t be easier with tried and tested method of added value newsletter marketing. Plus providing the full flexibility of customisation with your email newsletter.


+ GST* per month

Words Deluxe

Most Power

An alternative option for a small-to medium business looking to position itself a cut above the competition. Offering the demonstrated advantages of regular e-newsletters, this package incorporates a specific-to your-business article, professionally crafted and designed to increase your profit potential.


+ GST* per month