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You have a medium sized company with several staff and business is good. You get lots of work from one-off customers and walk-ins, but repeats and referrals are down.

Who you are:
You’re the business owner or marketing manager and you know that keeping a customer happy and coming back is a lot easier than trying to sell your products and services to brand new clients. But where are those familiar faces? Have they forgotten you? Or worse, have they gone to the competition?

Your issues:
The problem is that you don’t have a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you get to know your core customers and keep in contact with them. You know that email marketing can be effective but you’re not sure how to go about it or how to measure the results. You don’t really have the time anyway, and you can’t afford to take on another staff member to deal with the time-consuming job of regularly contacting people on your database in a professional, engaging manner.

What you need most right now:
What you need to do is improve your engagement with your customers. Clients are more likely to deal with and refer a friend to someone they know and trust. You’ve already sold them something and now you need to keep them coming back. You also need to position yourself as being better and more trustworthy than your competition. Your engagement strategy has to be cost-effective and measureable with minimal effort.


You are a fantastic candidate for our monthly electronic newsletter (Connection Starter) however Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement would be best.

Every month we produce and source relevant articles for your business. We then create a professional newsletter, complete with your colours, imagery and logo. We personalise it so it features your customers name as well as yours, and then we send it to your contacts and customers on your behalf.

You’re able to follow which parts of the newsletter your clients click on, so that you can continue to provide them with content that interests them. They have the capability to share articles with their friends or post them to Social Media which broadens your reach and gives the impression that you are at the top of your field.

The quarterly engagement emails really are the ‘secret sauce’ when it comes to evening out the low times and are bound to be well received by your customers.

Our newsletters allow you to keep in regular contact with your customers, keeping you top of mind for their future purchasing decisions.

Connection Starter

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An ideal starting point for businesses where service is the name of the game. Staying in touch couldn’t be easier with tried and tested method of added value newsletter marketing. Plus providing the full flexibility of customisation with your email newsletter.


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Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement

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Getting more customers and more sales is easier than you think. Using this tried and tested formula, you’ll start to engage with more customers, retain your existing ones, find new ones and make meaningful connections that will result in more referrals, more sales and more profit.


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