Happy Clients

Elaine & Sean Joseph - Allsure Financial Solutions

We’ve been using the services of Newsletter Ready for around a year now. One of the reasons we like to use this service is that it frees up our time to do  other things in our business that make money.  (It would take us a lot more time to try and create a newsletter for our business ourselves than what it takes Newsletter Ready and it also wouldn’t look nearly as good either.) We also know that if we are not in contact regularly with our clients it makes it easy for them to forget us and potentially use another business. The longer you use the Newsletter Ready service the better it tends to work. We have more people regularly phoning us and emailing us after the newsletter than when we first started. So consistency is definitely one of the keys to success. The Newsletter Ready service is cost effective and their team is very professional. They go out of their way to earn your business.

Allsure Financial Solutions

Kevin Lui - Barfoot & Thompson

I’ve been using the Newsletter Ready service for about a year now. I have a friend who told me about the service and I like the way they take care of creating the newsletter and sending it out and this really takes the stress away. A number of people I meet have given me positive feedback on my newsletter. So the people I send it to are definitely keeping me in mind. It’s also generated some good enquiries from people contacting me who are thinking of buying or selling property. I think it’s really important to stay in touch digitally with people these days because that’s the way the world is moving. I recommend the service because Newsletter Ready take care of writing the material in the newsletter, and they make sure it looks good. This  means I can easily stay in touch in an added value way with a large number of people every month.

Barfoot & Thompson

Tony Seaman - Cloudbase Print & Promotions

I’ve sent out two newsletters through the Newsletter Service so far and we are just getting ready for the third one to go out. In our second newsletter I had two old clients that I haven’t heard from for 10 and 12 years send me an enquiry for a promotional product so that is very encouraging. I can see that the more consistently you use the Newsletter Ready service the better the results will be. Previously we were doing our own email promotion to our list which was based on offering a special of the month. This seemed to work only with people who were in the market for the promotional product we were offering a special on. (The rest of our email list just ignored these monthly emails with a special offer.) What I can see with Newsletter Ready is that we should be getting more people actually reading the newsletters because of the useful content. And we are also not having to compromise our margins by offering specials. A nice benefit of using Newsletter Ready is the time we save by not having to do the work ourselves. It used to take a lot of time to produce our previous monthly  email communications so we’ve immediately gained this time back to put to more productive use . The reporting we get from Newsletter Ready is much better than what we used to get so we know what is going on and what is working and what is not working. There are about 750 companies (big and small) in the Auckland area that are offering some or all of the products that we sell. So going down the track of buying Google Adwords and Keywords is likely to be very expensive with so many competitors potentially bidding  on the same important SEO words. This will just make Google  even richer. The Newsletter Ready Service on the other hand strikes me as a much better way to market our services as we are almost coming in the back door as it were. I regularly recommend the Newsletter Ready services as I’m a very happy client.

Chiara Soons - Albany Toyota

The team at Newsletter Ready makes it easy to send out a monthly newsletter. A great team to work with.

I would highly recommend Newsletter Ready for your newsletters.

Vanessa - Tasman Toyota

Tasman Toyota has been using the Newsletter Ready service for about a year now.  We love the service we get from Newsletter Ready as the design team are excellent and nothing is ever too much trouble.

We can be, at times a complicated customer for Newsletter Ready as we like to personalise the articles in our newsletters more than what the average company
might do. We strive to make our articles unique and relevant to our customers.

The Newsletter Ready service is easy to use. It saves us time and allows us to send out something of high quality to all our customers on a regular basis.  We receive reports on how our newsletter performs and can track our online traffic back to our website.

We’ve had very positive feedback from our customers about the newsletters. As a car dealer we might only have customers come into our dealership once or twice a year. So by using the Newsletter Ready service we are able to stay connected a lot more often with our customers. Using the Newsletter Ready service has been a good experience for us.