Full Monty Deluxe

(SWME + Bespoke Article)

Take the Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement concept one giant step further with a small but stupendously valuable investment.
Fresh content is good, fresh and relevant to the reader content is great, but fresh and relevant content for the reader, which focuses their attention on your business is… absolutely brilliant!

This is the power of the Bespoke Article, an intelligently crafted “Easter Egg” of text which draws the reader to your organisation, rather than to a relevant, but generalised topic.

Subtle, intelligent, informative and geared to allow interaction between your clients and your business, the Bespoke Article is the laser sight of content marketing and, when combined with the power of the Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement, takes content marketing to a new level.

If your business was built on being the best, the Full Monty Deluxe package from Newsletter Ready is THE best option for you – don’t let your competitors have the unfair advantage of all that this powerful tool has to offer!

Monthly customer communications

  • Monthly sends.
  • 5 Template styles to choose from.
  • Personalised to your contact, from you.
  • Sender branded; colours, imagery, contact details, links to social media and website.
  • Pre-written personalised introduction that you can change.
  • 4 industry relevant articles that you approve prior to sending.
  • Articles hosted on your own branded webpages.
  • Up to 1,000 sends each month.
  • $99 + GST newsletter setup build fee.


* + GST and one time Newsletter setup fee $99.

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