Cutting Edge Carl

You like to keep up with the trends in fashion, music and current affairs. You have a new smartphone and love to use it! You use social media personally and have a moderate following. You’re no spring chicken but you think you have a good idea of what the kids are up to these days.

Who you are:
You are the business owner and/or sales professional of a small to medium business. You want to attract new customers and increase business growth by using the current technology available to you. You have a website and a presence on various social media platforms.

Your issues:
Technology changes so rapidly it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. You know your website could do with refreshing and your numbers of social media followers has remained static for some time. Finding the time to post interesting, relevant content has become an issue and you’re starting to think your business may be on too many platforms to manage them effectively. And of course, there are other ways to advertise that also need your attention.

What you need most right now:
You need to really think about where your customers are and want they want to see from you.
Then you need to create an effective, consistent marketing plan that is both measureable and time-friendly. You need to think about delegating your day to day updates to someone else so that you can focus on your core business.


A static website is great if people want to find out what you sell or where you’re located. But in order for you to keep those visitors coming back, you need to be able to post content that they find interesting, entertaining or helpful.

Newsletter Ready can provide a monthly content supply for you. We source and create business articles that are pertinent to your industry. You are then able to post them on your website or to your social media platforms, or even as part of a regular email newsletter to your subscribers.

Adding valuable content is an easy way to stay in touch. And if your content is being reposted and shared, you are able to reach more people.

Best of all, Newsletter Ready will do all this for you. Just one quick check from you every month and we’re good to go! Words Deluxe or Fully Monty Deluxe would be an ideal choice.

Words Deluxe

Most Power

An alternative option for a small-to medium business looking to position itself a cut above the competition. Offering the demonstrated advantages of regular e-newsletters, this package incorporates a specific-to your-business article, professionally crafted and designed to increase your profit potential.


+ GST* per month

The Full Monty

Best Value

This is the most effective Newsletter Ready tool yet.
Engaging your customer via a monthly e-newsletter with three generalised but relevant articles along with an article specific to your business, this package also includes regular social media updates posted to four popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


+ GST* per month