Customised Introductions

Custom email introductions and BONUS subject line for increased opens and reads

New content articles are good business tools, but all too often, the articles miss critical points, sort of like a drill with no bit, a saw with no teeth or a hammer with no nails.

What is the most commonly missed critical point? An introduction.

Too often great articles are consigned to the trash file because their relevance is not communicated to the intended reader quickly enough.

As a simple comparison: if you are Bob Smith, would you read a message starting out Dear Sir, or Dear Bob Smith?

Customised introductions work the same way – they demonstrate that the writer is interested in communicating with the intended reader, as opposed to the ‘shotgun approach’ of firing a generic message and hoping someone’s going to read it.

At Newsletter Ready, we call this ‘wrapping up the monthly newsletter and putting a bow on it – it adds the personal touch.

What is the bow? In a nutshell, 200 crafted words designed to drive readers to your call to action. The text engages the reader before they even start reading. They want to read because the personalised introduction makes them feel the words are meant for them and them alone.

They are important people to your organisation and thanks to the introduction, THEY KNOW THIS before they’ve started to read.
As part of the customised introduction, Newsletter Ready creates a bonus Subject Line to further encourage increased ‘opens’ and ‘reads’ of your newsletter content.

Words Deluxe clients automatically receive this service as part of their package.