Case Study 1: Patsy McCook

Patsy McCook
Client Services Manager
Accountability Net

Patsy McCook is the client services manager for Accountability Net and was looking for a simple, no fuss way to stay in touch with all their clients and the people who have attended the various seminars they have presented.

Accountability Net are an accounting firm based on Auckland’s North Shore. They provide friendly, affordable business and taxation services to companies and individuals all around New Zealand. They are specialists in using the latest technology (ie Xero and cloud computing) so they are able to offer their clients fixed fee accounting packages that provide superior advice, services
and understandable financial reports at an affordable monthly price.

Their motto is Technology = no barriers.

In the past Accountability Net used a quarterly newsletter that was written for them by an outside organisation.
This was useful but had its limitations.

The first limitation was that Accountability Net had to make the newsletter look good themselves before it was sent out. (That took both time and expertise to do.)

The second limitation was Accountability Net had to send the newsletter out themselves and this took time to set up.

The biggest limitation was they had no real way of seeing what clients were actually reading when they sent this quarterly newsletter. (They could measure the number of people who opened each email but that was all. They didn’t know what people read in that newsletter.)

Accountability Net looked for another newsletter service that didn’t have these limitations. Which is why they decided to use Newsletter Ready.

Patsy commented that every newsletter they now use through Newsletter Ready is professionally formatted and looks good. It is also sent out for them. This saves them a lot of time at their end.

Best of all the newsletter service from Newsletter Ready has an excellent reporting system. This means they can see both the number of people who opened each newsletter and what parts of the newsletter they actually read.

This is very helpful in deciding which articles they should include in future newsletters.

Accountability Net have received a nice amount of positive feedback from their clients on these newsletters. (So they are adding real value to their clients every time they send them out.)

Accountability Net are big fans of the newsletter service from Newsletter Ready .

They find it convenient, simple and easy to use.

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Max Whitehead

Managing Director
The Whitehead Group

Newsletter Ready cleaned up his email database and removed all the inactive and out of date email addresses. They then give him a good looking newsletter, advised him which of his articles to include in his newsletter and also sent the newsletter out to his clients.

Lisa McCall

Business Owner
NZ Home Loans Te Atatu

It only takes Lisa 15-20 minutes a month to approve the material in the newsletter and Newsletter Ready do everything else. (Lisa just picks 4 articles relevant to her industry and what she does.)

Louise Holmes

Red Office

In fact Louise met a key contact recently that she hadn’t seen for over 18 months. The first words out of the person’s mouth were “I really love your newsletter”. (So it’s working well to help Louise get her business positively remembered.)