Big League Barry

You love your work and want everyone to know about it – and about you.

Who you are:
You’re a business owner or an entrepreneur. You have plenty of confidence and would rather be in the limelight than in the shadows. You’re not afraid to stand behind your word and you have a reputable standing in the community. You have innovative ways of doing things and loads of exciting business theories you’d love to share. You’d like nothing more than to become the recognised leader in your field, and have your name as the ‘go to’ for help and inspiration for your industry peers.

Your issues:
You want to be a dominant force in your field, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Time is precious for one thing, and it takes time to establish a presence in your networks – not to mention coming up with useful information and presenting it in a coherent, organised way. You’d rather spend time face to face with your customers, than face to computer. There are already those in your industry occupying the top spot as thought leaders and you’re not sure that there’s room for you. It’s all a bit hard, really.

What you need most right now:
What you need, you already have – a belief in yourself and your business. The trick is to get everyone else believing it too. Establishing oneself as a thought leader and an industry expert requires a good handle on how social media works. Your ideas need to be informative and entertaining enough that others will share them. It’s not about the hard sell – it’s about softly, gently and consistently engaging with your audience, giving them added value on top of your already excellent products or services.


Our monthly email newsletter is a fantastic way for you to connect with your existing client base and reach out to new customers. While we can provide content for you in the form of interesting articles that are relevant to your business, we can also write bespoke articles for you. You give us your bullet-points and we’ll present them in an informative, entertaining manner with absolutely no copyright issues.

You’ll be able to share these articles on any medium you choose. LinkedIn is great for business professionals. Or we can link an intriguing tweet to your website. It’s up to you!

We describe this service as Words Deluxe or Full Monty – ask for it by name.

Words Deluxe

Most Power

An alternative option for a small-to medium business looking to position itself a cut above the competition. Offering the demonstrated advantages of regular e-newsletters, this package incorporates a specific-to your-business article, professionally crafted and designed to increase your profit potential.


+ GST* per month

The Full Monty

Best Value

This is the most effective Newsletter Ready tool yet.
Engaging your customer via a monthly e-newsletter with three generalised but relevant articles along with an article specific to your business, this package also includes regular social media updates posted to four popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.


+ GST* per month