About Lara

lara-mccormickI wear a corporate marketing coat of many colours.

Some days, I serve as a mentor, helping business clients identify the most Powerful Marketing Actions to move the business towards the growth that the business owner truly desires.

Other days, I facilitate customer-centric communications management for busy business owners, producing, providing and distributing relevant and professional content in e-newsletter and social media (LinkedIn; Facebook, Twitter Google+) formats.

In either case, my goal is to ensure your business succeeds for you – either by providing sound advice, or greater communication between your company and your customers.

So on the one hand; you might consider booking a complimentary strategy session with Lara McCormick of The Marketing Practice today for your business.

Lara McCormick
Marketing Professional
+64 274 442 886

Or on the other, you should look to meeting with Lara McCormick of Newsletter Ready to see how much marketing stress can be relieved in both resource and investment.

Lara McCormick
National Account Manager
+64 274 442 886


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By way of thanks for reading this much, this far and clearly demonstrating an interest in making your business more successful, I invite you to download a copy of latest book – Newsletter Magic.

PS I love to hear feedback or comments on any of my marketing and sales strategies. So please let me know
about anything you’ve taken action on and how’s it worked for you.