5 Skills That Set Top-Performing Salespeople Apart

The best performing salespeople are not afraid to set big goals, because they know they can reach them. Those challenging targets force them to push harder to achieve great results. Do you want to know their secret? These are the 5 skills that set the top-performing salespeople apart from the rest.

1.  Growing Existing Accounts

The salespeople that hit their targets work with what they already have, and grow it. The best people to sell to, are the ones that you already have a great reputation with. Your business has proven that they can do a great job, so existing customers will spend with confidence.

Account growth should be a priority. If you don’t look after your existing customers, and focus your efforts on them, then someone else will. Work on building great relationships and delivering excellent service, and your sales figures will thank you for it.

2.  Work Collaboratively With Your Customers

Work in collaboration with your customers to co-create value in new and innovative ways. You can extend your core offerings to meet the needs of your customers. Without those customers, you wouldn’t have a business. Listen intently to their feedback and implement it across your business to greater meet their needs.

Just because they are a client, it does not mean that the relationship has to be one-sided. Collaboration is key to making sure all parties get what they need from the relationship.

3.  Driving Sales

Some sales might just fall in your lap, if you are very lucky. But the secret to great sales, is to drive them forward. Actively participate in sales opportunities and drive them towards a win.

But, be careful not to force people into a purchase that they don’t really want, or need. You still want to play the long game of building a great relationship with your customers so that they will buy from you again and again.

4.  Constant Lead Generation

It is important to have customers at each step of your sales funnel for steady income. By only focusing on one customer at a time, and working them through the sales funnel, you end up with a gap at the end. Then it is a scramble to find the next lead.

Having an effective method for constantly generating leads is vital. Just because is it a new lead, it does not mean that it needs to be a new customer. Don’t forget about your existing customers in the quest for new ones.

5.  Understand Your Buyer’s Needs

There is no point trying to sell your customers something they don’t need, or won’t benefit from. You are wasting your time, and theirs. Ensure that you are targeting the right niche with your sales offerings. Once you are in front of the right kind of buyer, then you need to understand what their needs are.

What are their pain points? How can you make their life easier, save them time, or save them money? Understand what they need from your services, and then sell them that. Making the sale is far easier if you are solving a problem for your buyers.

So, there you go. Steal these 5 top sales skills and transform your sales team into a relationship-building, money-making dream team!

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