Lead Lacking Lucy

After sacrificing many precious hours to build your email list, the pitiful number of sales it generates makes you want to cry. It doesn’t seem to be worth the time and effort.

Who you are:
You are the owner of business who has spent many hours networking and painstakingly growing your email list. Your list is substantial, but your sales are not. You want to make the most of your email list, but you just aren’t sure how to turn those subscribers into paying clients. So, you truck along sending newsletters and emails at random, trying to find the secret formula – with little success.

Your issues:
You keep adding to your email lists, but you aren’t adding to your sales. Your database is full of potential clients, but they aren’t buying from you consistently. You need to ensure you have a steady stream of income throughout the year and stamp out those quiet periods when business is slow. You need an expert to show you how to make your list profitable.

What you need most right now:
You need a comprehensive marketing strategy that will allow you to build trust with your list, and turn those leads into sales. This strategy should be efficient and able to be implemented all year round. You need an expert to handle the marketing side, so that you can focus on follow up and continuing to grow your list.


You are the prime candidate for Secret Weapon of Mass Engagement and the Full Monty Deluxe.

You have already done the hard yards of creating an email list. Now you need to create the trust that will allow your subscribers to transform into paying clients.

Our monthly newsletter will allow you to connect with your database and build trust by providing valuable content. The content will include relevant articles from our extensive library and personalised articles specific to your business.

Then, when your list is primed and ready, we will inject engagement emails which will see the leads pour into your inbox. The secret is not to overuse this tactic, so the emails will be scheduled quarterly, or during your traditional quiet periods.

With this combined approach, your list will not be able to resist reaching for their wallets.

To take action today, read about Lead Lacking Lucy. With this combined approach, your list will not be able to resist reaching for their wallets!
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