The 7 Secrets of Stack Marketing

What is stack marketing, you say? Well, it is the combination of several different marketing techniques that stack into a cohesive marketing plan. Stack your different approaches to give yourself as many chances as possible to reach your clients, and then retain them once you have got them. There are 7 things that any business needs to do to ensure regular sales.

The 7 Secrets to Effective Stack Marketing

1: Personal Contact

Personal contact is a great way to make the right impression. You need to reach out to your people and spread the message about what you do. Do it by email, phone, in-person at a networking event, or personal messaging. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, just make sure you get out there and tell people what you are doing!

2: Have an Internet Presence

It is imperative that you have a website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile so that people can find you online. One of the first things a prospective client will do, is look you up. They are checking to see if you are visible online, and if you are credible. Make sure that they find a professional and comprehensive profile of your products or services.

3: Have Printed Business Material

Being able to hand people a printed brochure about your business acts as a physical reminder of the conversation you had with them. It also gives your potential clients a reference point for your business. Here are two simple ways you can deliver this…

  • A Business Card – This is the simplest form of printed material. When networking, it is expected that you will hand out a business card. So make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity. Remember that a business card is double sided. Use the reverse side to add some information about your services.
  • Brief Brochure: Design a brochure that is a condensed version of your website. It allows you to give people more information than what a business card can provide. Give them key points on your business – the type of work you do, and what you can offer.

Then your job is to get your printed material into the hands of your people, and prospective clients.

4: Send A Regular Newsletter

Providing your people with a regular value-added newsletter is one of the best ways of building a relationship with them. Not only do you provide them with interesting information that they want to read, but you also give them a regular reminder that you are still in business.

Be at the front of people’s mind when they are looking for your services. Some of the people on your database will buy once, and some will make multiple purchases. A newsletter is the way to keep them coming back and purchasing from you continuously.

5: Social Media

You need to have a presence on social media, even if it is only a small presence. People will hunt for you on their favourite platform. It is better to pick one platform and do it well, then to spread yourself too thin across all platforms. Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, or LinkedIn, make sure it is the platform where your people are.

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6: Provide Education Based Content

Instead of telling people to buy from you, reword your content to educate your reader on why they should be doing business with you. Share market related data to encourage them to view you as an expert in your field. Then they can make contact with you based on what your message is saying.

7: Public Relations

If you can get yourself in the media, then do it. The exposure for your business is invaluable. Sponsor local or national events, get out there in your community and support good services. You will gain some extra recognition and visibility in the marketplace.

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